Teepee Hire Services

Teepee Hire (Up to 2)

I hire out our lovely sleepover Teepee’s.

I have several themes, so please let me know if there is something specific you were after.

The Hire includes:

🌟Setup and Put down 

🌟Up to 6 Teepees, depending on qty of children attending and space available 

🌟Individual Mattresses, protectors and covers.

🌟Quilt and pillow for each

🌟Fold away Tray for each Teepee 

🌟Each Teepee has twinkly lights around the front opening 

🌟Depending on the theme requested will then depend on the added extras that we accessorise with,such as: popcorn cups for a movie theme, plastic champagne flutes for a glamour theme, football trophy’s and cups for a football theme etc etc. This can be discussed in more detail if you choose to go ahead.

Here you can check more images from past teepe hires!

£55.00 Per teepee

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