Attention Parents! These Are All the Children’s Party Trends for 2023

Posted on 22nd November 2022.

In this article, we tell you what the children’s party trends for 2023 will be so that your child has an unforgettable party.

Parents that find themselves beginning to organise a children’s party for their little one are sure to be dreaming of knowing all the trends for children’s parties in 2023.

And of course, because… we want to party more than ever! After a period of pandemic restrictions, events and children’s parties return with more force than ever. It is time to celebrate!

For this reason, we are here to tell you all the very original trends that are going to inundate parties for the kids in your house: decor, themes, games…

Grab some paper and a pen and let’s begin!

Glamping at a pyjama party

If your kids like nature and camping, but they don’t want to say goodbye to all the household commodities, then this is the perfect party!

Glamping parties are a type of camping party with a touch of glamour, that’s to say, going camping, but without missing out on any luxury.

One of the children’s party trends of 2023 will be filling the dining room with spacious tipi tents, with beds to spend the night, fairy lights, manicure workshops and delicious food. We love this plan!

Games that stimulate and educate the kids

Through fun games and activities, it is possible that children can have fun as well as learn, even at a party! If you want ideas, keep reading.

Card games like couples of the world are an ideal option to keep the attention of the children since these games require visual association and also attention.

Another very fun option is a scavenger hunt, because it involves solving clues, which can be as difficult as you like. And the game can end with winners and prizes! Success will be guaranteed with the kids.

Other very educational and fun games include jigsaw puzzles, mazes, or memory games, like matching picture cards. They are not only beneficial for improving the memory ability of children, but they also improve their sharpness, visual memory and they enhance concentration and quick thinking!

Learning and having fun, in 2023, will go together.

Trolleys of food!

Yes! This is, amongst all the children’s party trends in 2023, our favourite. As well as adorning the space, they are very useful and delicious.

Go hire a food trolley! There are very pretty options that will surprise you and help the children to regain energy after so much playing. Some safe bets are: carts of popcorn, candyfloss, mini burgers, ice cream, chocolate and churros, crepes…The children will be covered in treats!

Balloons, an improved version

Balloons continue being the main feature at parties, but now they appear in an improved way.

No more big symmetrical columns! Now everything irregular will be trending. They will appear as centrepieces and in the form of huge vines that will reach up to the ceiling.

The obsession with balloons in different shapes, sizes, colours has evolved, and in 2023 we will see transparent balloons filled with colourful confetti, as well as metallic tones and large numbers and letters.

Although, if there are some balloons that will triumph this season, those will be the ones that have very original shapes like disco balls, stars, flowers, hearts, animals…

Themed parties

Making a fun and original children’s party is not difficult. You just need to inspire yourself with a load of ideas!

When preparing children’s birthday parties, there are an infinite number of themes that will make sure the child never forgets the big day, so if your children have a favourite character, think about creating a Luli Pampín, Thundermans, or Tik Tok themed birthday party.

Themed parties will never go out of fashion!

Animals that enchant everyone

One of the children’s party trends of 2023 will be animals, they are so charming and all the kids will love them!

Animals are always a good thing to have at children’s birthday parties, and next year’s priority will be given to forest animals like foxes, raccoons, owls, bears, squirrels, pandas…they will definitely triumph!

You can choose an animal-themed party, decorating with animal balloons or even celebrating the birthday at a zoo. Do you already know the most original venues for celebrating children’s parties?

Areas for the children that love to pose

No one leaves an event without a load of photos for memories. Well, in 2023, children at a kids party will also have this opportunity.

Photo areas with objects to pose with in a photoshoot have become a must have at events and the news is that this trend will extend to children’s parties.

You can prepare this area by decorating it with your preferred theme, full of objects for posing, balloons, a photographer and an instant camera so that the kids can take home pictures with their friends. They will all want to hang them up in their room!

Pastel colours

In 2023, the trend will move towards a slightly more muted palette. Oranges, blues, purples, pinks, greens…but in pastel!

We have a special preference for decor in pastel tones, these are attractive colours that also transmit elegance, delicacy and they make us feel comfortable.

So, don’t even think about it and cover the tables with plates, napkins and glasses in different pastel colours. And don’t forget to decorate the space with garlands, giant balloons and pom poms in these colours.

Little boxes to decorate and fill with sweets!

We love practical decor! For this reason, this trend has become another one of our favourites: small cardboard boxes. As well as decorating, they are very useful.

Consider collecting various little boxes with the name of one guest on each box for the children’s party, so that each child can take a box full of sweets home with them. You can fill them with cookies, macaroons, kinder eggs, lacasitos, gummies… They will definitely give in to temptation and eat them before they arrive home

Hollywood style letters

You have surely seen Hollywood-style letters at small children’s parties as well as big events. Well, next year they will arrive with force and will be here to stay for a while. They are pretty and very striking, which is perfect for complimenting a photoshoot or food table.

Text and image source: Perfect Venue

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